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 Look for the Irish offense and the defense to play tough to make a run at the SWC title! Support the 2015 team.   GO IRISH!

Come support the team after the games at Coburg Rd. Papa’s Pizza. The Sheldon football photos are brought to you by Jon Morgan CPA.

See the video Welcome to the Jungle to get pumped up for  the  2015 season!

  Irish bring Kryptonite to Caped Crusaders Vs. Jesuit.  Come to Jesuits going away Party Sat. at 4PM in Portland.   IRISH 10-1
   Irish win and watch the Sunset go down 69-28!
The Irish stomp their way to another win and remain in the hunt for a state title.  Come to Ludwig stadium and watch the Irish win!   IRISH 10-1
Irish kick the Clack out of Clackamas 33-0
The Irish play Clackamas at home in this state game.   It looks to be a more difficult opponent in this home playoff setting.  It could be one heck of a game.  IRISH 10-1